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Lesson Introduction

Students are admitted by audition and interview.  Experienced students must come with a prepared piece to play. New students will not be required to play a piece, but will receive an interview.
The audition/interview is free. Auditions begin in June-September. 

Amazing Grace Studio

Raising up worshippers of God by helping children enjoy and excel at the piano. 

Scales & Technique

Students are expected to work on scales each week as well as additional technique exercises as assigned. Scales are of upmost value as they can help students master difficult pieces.



Students will be expected to play new music each week and challenged to read through the music without restarting. 



For younger and beginner students, the preferred method of choice will be the Faber series. Students will be assigned music in a Lesson book, Technique, Performance, and Theory. For recitals, music is mutually agreed upon by teacher and student. Students are encouraged to find songs they wish to play and the instructor will help them learn the piece if possible. 


For advanced students, the lesson will include focus in classical repertoire. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of classical styles such as Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century. Students will also be encouraged to find pieces they wish to learn for enjoyment. For recitals, music is mutually agreed upon by teacher and student. 


Music Theory

This is essential for piano students. Music theory is the written component of music that breaks down how music is constructed. Students are challenged to complete a theory book as well as given opportunities to compose music if desired. 

I offer weekly private lessons in 30-minute sessions or 45-minute sessions. A weekly lesson will often include the following: scales, technique, sight-reading, repertoire, music theory and rhythm. 



This year's study theme is rhythm. Rhythm is vital for piano performance and students will be challenged to learn advanced rhythmic passages this season. 

Grand Piano

Studio Policy & Prices

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